The Brit Milah

Mazel Tov. It's a boy! Ritual Circumcision - Brit Milah by Board Certified Physician

brit_milahDr. Masserman is a Mohel (Ritual Circumciser), and would be honored to performs the Brit Milah (Ritual Circumcision) painless procedure on your baby boy. The Brit Milah is the surgical removal of the foreskin of the penis on the eighth day after a male Jewish child is born.

The surgical procedure takes little time when done by an experienced mohel. This ceremony has been performed for more than 4000 years. Dr. Masserman will work with you and your family to ensure the ceremony is meaningful and painless. 

Dr. Masserman's proven experience includes:

  • Since 1973 over 1,000 ritual circumcisions performed
  • Uses local anesthesia for a painless procedure
  • Home and Office setting for your procedure
  • Dr. Masserman has a degree in Jewish education

Contact Dr. Masserman to schedule a date for the bris. 714-556-0536.